Splash Screen & App Icon

App Icon

I will introduce how to make an App icon via react Native Make library.

  1. Install react-native-make
yarn add @bam.tech/react-native-make -D

That’s all. We are ready to use react-native-make.

  1. When you use react-native-make to create the App icon, you need a 1024x1024 px size png ( Make sure not to use transparent images as you will have some issues with IOS) image.

If the file is ready, execute the command below to make the App icon.

yarn react-native set-icon --path [path-to-image] --background color

Splash Screen

To create an app splash screen, we Have two option :

we are going to choose to React Native bootsplash over the Splash screen Because :

  • react-native-splash-screen encourages you to display an image over your application, react-native-bootsplash way-to-go is to design your launch screen using platforms tools (Xcode layout editor and Android drawable resource).
  • Instead of displaying the launch screen over the main UIView / Activity, it will be displayed inside it. This prevents "jump" during transition (like in the example: horizontal & vertical centering using iOS auto layout or android gravity params will match perfectly the mounted component which uses { alignItems: "center"; justifyContent: "center" } to center its logo).
  • It should not prevent you from seeing red screen errors.
  • Hiding the launch screen is configurable: fade it out with a custom duration or hide it without any animation at all (no fade needed if you want to animate it out!).

=> Setup Splash Screen

👉 https://github.com/yjose/Tasker/commit/1a14fbe353ce1a5f5e4d372d335d606e1a15f8e1

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