Course Overview

In this course, you'll be following along with me while exploring the concepts of React Native while building a complete React Native App.

By the end, we should create a production-ready application called Tasker (An excellent way to say TO-DO App 😀) based on the following prototype 👇

Tasker Figma File

To get the most out of the course:

✅ Make sure to practice what you are learning as much possible as you can

✅ Ask More Questions

What we are going to learn in this course

✅ What is React Native ?

✅ What I need to know Before starting

✅ How to Get started

✅ Useful tools & script

✅ How to structure a React Native Project ?

✅ Debugging for React Native

✅ Components & Styling

✅ Advanced styling and How to create a design system with restyle

✅ Forms in React Native

✅ Unit Test with react-native-testing-library

✅ List and scroll Views

✅ Network API with React native

✅ Navigation with React navigation

✅ Splash screen and App Icon

✅ Generate Certification for Android and IOS

✅ CI/CD using Appcenter

✅ Distribute App to users

✅ ....

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