👋 Hello, and welcome to the Practical React Native Course.

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What You Can Expect

I Built React Native Applications for 3 years now; I learned a lot from my mistakes during this period. I developed my experience to create a good, clean, and performant React Native Application. My main goal in those few days is to give you an idea of how I do it - what are the best practices, conventions, do's, and dont's. By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable writing good, clean, and performant React Native Application.

What You’ll Need to Know ?

This course is targeted at beginner/intermediate developers.

If you already know React, that's perfect, since your React skills are completely transferrable to React Native. If it not the case, this Beginner's Guide to React course by the amazing Kent C. Dodds will help you build a solid understanding about react.

You’ll need to have the following skills to get the most out of the course:

  • Command-line experience in any operating system.
  • Coding experience in Javascript.
  • Reactjs beginner skills.

In this course, I will be using a MacBook Pro, an iPhone simulator and an Android emulator from Android Studio.

To follow this course you should have:

  • A Mac, Windows or Linux machine
  • A physical device (iPhone or Android) OR a simulator/emulator installed

To get the most out of the course, follow this guide, and make sure to practice what you are learning as possible as you can.


Youssouf EL Azizi

I'm a full-stack engineer and mobile tribe lead at Obytes. Currently working to help my team produce good quality Apps.

I blog from time to time about my journey as a developer. My blog posts have had over 300k reads and have been featured on Dev’s top 7, Medium top 20 recommended stories.

I'm actively involved in the open-source community as a maintainer and contributor. Maintaining 10M downloads/year and 1k stars on GitHub react component package and submitting some PRs to projects I usually use such us react-native and Gatsbyjs.

I'm also a DevC Casablanca co-lead, I do my best sharing my knowledge and helping with events organization.

When I am not coding you can find me playing football or having fun with friends.

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This workshop (concept, content, and structure) is heavily inspired the work of those amazing people:

Thank you for putting it together and sharing it publicly.

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