Fonts & Icons


Adding Custom Fonts to React Native App is quite easy and only needs a few steps.

  1. Go Google Fonts, select styles and download your custom font: Inter
  2. Create a fonts folder assets/fonts in the root of your project and paste downloaded fonts files in it.
  3. Copy and the paste the code below into your react-native.config.js file
module.exports = {
  project: {
    ios: {},
    android: {},
  assets: ["./assets/fonts/"],
  1. run yarn react-native link from the root of the project.
  2. rebuild your app yarn ios or yarn android

Voila!. You now have custom fonts set up.

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  title: {
    fontFamily: "Inter",
    fontWeight: "bold",
    fontFamily: "Inter-Bold",



For a long time, I used react-native-vector-icons to create my custom icons assets, this approach comes with some difficulty as I always find myself regenerating a new font whenever our designer changes an icon in the design system. Also, this approach has some limits on supporting some SVG properties.

Using react-native-svg will fix most of those issues, also I found it very simple to add new icons as Most of the design tools Nowadays export the SVG icon as React Native component.

  1. install react-native-svg
yarn add react-native-svg

## on IOS only ( need to install native deps )
yarn setup:ios

## rebuild app
yarn ios
  1. Install SVG to JSX Figma plugin to start exporting your Figma icons as React Native Component.
import * as React from "react";
import Svg, { SvgProps, Path } from "react-native-svg";

export function Check(props: SvgProps) {
  return (
    <Svg width={28} height={28} fill="none" {...props}>
        d="M28 14c0 7.732-6.268 14-14 14S0 21.732 0 14 6.268 0 14 0s14 6.268 14 14zm-14.893 2.053a1 1 0 01-1.414 0l-2.556-2.556a1 1 0 00-1.414 1.415l3.899 3.898a1 1 0 001.482.075l7.778-7.778a1 1 0 10-1.414-1.414l-6.36 6.36z"


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